A series of problems connecting from an iPad running iOS 13.2

I am wondering if folks are having issues with iOS13?

I have recently had an iPad running iOS 13.2 connecting faultlessly to Los Angeles and San Francisco from Sydney. It stopped working about a couple of days ago and it was suggested by VyprVPN support the issue may lie with the IKEv2 protocol being blocked. The fault is silent in that the connection is established and all indications are that the it is successful but no traffic gets to the remote end e.g. can’t use a simple browser session.

VyprVPN support couldn’t offer any solution except to use the OpenVPN client (a third-party client) and a set of .ovpn profiles that VyprVPN provide. Unfortunately the OpenVPN client seems to be unable to open (no “Open with…” menu option) the .ovpn profiles. This may be an iOS13 issue but either way it means that you cannot use VyprVPN on an iPad with this issue.

I would be interested in hearing if anybody else has found a workaround to this. I have spent several hours on this and the support agents have been pretty ineffective in just trotting out the instructions on the website “https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004786631-VyprVPN-OpenVPN-App-for-iOS-7-” which clearly have not been tested or tested recently.

@mhaselup Hey, sorry to hear that you are having trouble with that. We would be happy to offer assistance with this matter. If you can reach out to us via support email we can assist you directly. https://www.goldenfrog.com/contact-support


I’ve followed up with a number of tests at two separate locations and been unable to reproduce the first problem since I first saw it. I was guessing the issue was related to DNS but the VyprVPN iOS client provides a non-configurable DNS service which rules that out. I will keep an eye on this to see if it recurs.

I have not pursued the second issue of OpenVPN setup as I have a working configuration but it appears to be a showstopper for anyone who might be compelled to use this option.

OK this is not working again. Same problem-Netflix just hangs with a connection to San Francisco or Los Angeles from Sydney. Speedtest.net also hangs even though VyprVPN client believes it has an established connection.

I bought a VyprVPN subscription solely to watch Netflix. If I can’t do this then I don’t need VyprVPN…

@mhaselup We’re sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing with Netflix loading when connecting to some of our US servers. It sounds like the issue might be related to latency. Can we have you reach out to our support team so we can gather more info and investigate this further for you.

I am not sure I would describe the issue as latency. There does not appear to be an active connection, latency would just imply delay.

This is not a Netflix specific issue as I had problems running a speedtest.net session with “connections” established to both San Francisco and Los Angeles on the iPad in question. Please also note other computers in the house are happily running VPN sessions with the VyprVPN client-so this is an iPad/iPhone/iOS13 specific problem.

Sure, please have somebody reach out via email to discuss.

@mhaselup You can reach out to our support team for further assistance at https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


OK, logged a ticket, waiting for a response.

Try DNSCLOCK app and use doh-westus-pi-dns server along w/ VyprVPN app using IKEv2. Run few tests for dns leak and IP leak. Use different websites for testing and compare results for DNS servers. I highly recommend using doileak.com and compare results to other testing websites.

Just to close this out. Support acknowledge there was a problem with the connection from the iPad. We demonstrated there was not an issue with the routing by running comparable traceroute sessions.

I was offered a discount off the next renewal because it basically doesn’t work at the moment. Would be interested to see how this changes and what other people’s experience is.