Able to connect in china but most of the time with very slow speed

I m using a windows 8.1 system in guangzhou, china, with a china telecom 50mb connection, i started using vyprvpn’s chameleon protocol since around 10 days ago because all my private pptp vpns either aren’t working or got disconnected after a short while. So i m trying to see if vyprvpn can help, with chameleon, it is able to connect my pc to the global web, but with a very slow speed, no matter which server do i try.

I m wondering if any users from china exprienced the same problem? Are there anything that i can do to enhance the speed a little bit?

Hey @hypocrat3 ,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

The speeds you receive while connected to VyprVPN will be reliant on the speeds you receive from your ISP.

Generally speaking, the farther away you are from the VPN server you are connecting to, the slower the speeds you will experience. The longer data has to travel, the higher the latency, and therefore the slower the speeds.

If you would like us to look into this further, please reach out to our Support team at


a while ago i was disconnected from the web while connectin via the chameleon protocol…i m unable to reconnect to the web until i change the protocol to openvpn 160 bit

Hello @hypocrat3,

Can you check with our support team? We would need to gather some information from you to investigate.