Access from CHINA - share your experiences

Using the VyprVPN app, chameleon protocol, on Windows10 in Guilin, Guangxi, China and all is well so far, just arrived last night.

Connection became very slow and unstable yesterday, changed to Manual (Port 443) and all is well again.

Tip for people in China:
If you’re under iOS or Android, connect with VyprVPN and use the app called “Puffin Browser” it’ll really improve your speed, browsing! Furthermore, it can help to hide your IP but it’s really not recommanded if you’re not under VyprVPN.

China Guangzhou
I switched severs again and again

recently it is harder and harder to find a fast sever.

almost sever is unstable(on and off?/low speed)

now I am using the Luxembourg

in addition ,altough taiwan and hongkong give me a low ping.but they are really really slow!!!(It seems like something limit the speed)

From Chengdu,

Connect easy enough to Hong Kong and Taiwan, but DL: Slow / UP: Times out

Currently connected to JAPAN via PPTP ASUS Router. PPTP because was hoping to minimize overhead, but suspect china DPI into PPTP.

Gamers here, any suggestions for most consistent connection?

Hey guys, Here is a new VyprVPN Connection WATCHDOG script I created to Auto Connect on Startup and Reconnect and check the Connection every 90 Seconds - and then Reconnect if needed

Dear All,
I’m pretty sure about the ISP Telecome made a change just now , at about 11:30 in Nanking.
Suddenly most locations can’t be connected. Even on my phone , I can’t ping most servers all over the world.
I will keep monitoring the VPN service from my side…

Hello @myfalcom,

As of about 9:30 PM CST on January 31,2016, we received an influx in customers reporting that they were no longer able to connect to our VPN from within China. Upon investigating, we find that customers tend to be able to connect using the Chameleon and/or OpenVPN protocol to our Amsterdam, Miami, Norway, Panama, and Lithuania. Can you please attempt to connect to these servers with the above mentioned protocols, as well as PPTP and L2TP, and let us know the results?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, Samuel, I have address the support request 970279.
I have tried those locations on my side in Nanking, China.
Norway, Panama, and Lithuania is quite good on Chameleon & L2TP so far. But PPTP is not the option I can connect. Error code 807. OpenVPN-256bit can be connected but OpenVPN-160bit can’t from my side.

Amsterdam, Miami are not pingable from here right now,

I’m in Beijing and the only servers I can connect to are just Lithuania, Norway and Panama!

What is happening?

From Beijing, I am currently connected to Lithuania… (low ping but very stable)
Under iOS and with Chameleon for Windows.

We appreciate the gift from the Chinese government for the Chinese New Year. Yeah!

I’m sure it is caused by the change from Our ISP. This happened twice a year in the last year.

BTW, can we get a discount for the annual payment? To fix my heart using this fantastic VPN service. :joy:

Hello @myfalcom and @fredlex and @JPS,

Thank you all for the updates!

@myfalcom: We will continue to work with you directly via your support ticket.

@fredlex and @JPS: We would like to have you send in a support request so that we can attach your support ticket to a master ticket for this issue. Please contact Support at

Our team is currently investigating this issue and will update this post, as well as all support tickets for the issue, once we have an update to the situation.

Thanks again!


I confirm that only Lithuania, Norway and Panama show up and these work too slowly. The problem started only a few hours ago.

I’m trying to open a support request ticket, but it’s impossible. It continues to say that I have to fill in all the fields (which I’ve done), but still it doesn’t work. Probably there’s an error with the captcha form (it says something like: ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key reCAPTCHA Privacy - Terms)

The situation is stable as before, just Panama, Norway and Lithuania are up. Everything else is down.

Hello @fredlex,

If you are unable to send in a support ticket via our website, you may email our Support Team directly at

In the body of the email, please includes all details regarding your issue, including a link to this forum post so that we can be sure all relevant information to your issue is in your support ticket.


it looks like a new operation of GFW of banning IP happened.
I already have send a e-mail to golden support(with my account’s information and some detail).
really need help!!!

All servers inaccessible from within China, except Norway, Panama and Lithuania…

Would be nice to see a few more again.

Hello @potter_john,

Apologies for the delay. I have replied directly to your support request. Please check your email for further details.


Support Team