Access to DNS via TLS/HTTPS from DD-WRT

This is misposted in the sense that there is not a topic for “Router VPN configuration” as opposed to the “Router App”. Please feel free to move it/create a more appropriate folder.

It seems all of the various flavours of the VyprVPN app have the ability to tap into ta built in “VyprDNS” service. Can this service be utilised by for example a DD-WRT configuration to securely access DNS services?

This feature was requested in a much earlier posting here and has been upvoted 29 times. There are no comments about how and when this could be made available. It doesn’t seem like it would be particularly hard to do?

Hello @mhaselup

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to get VyprDNS in the DD-WRT configuration nor do we have any information on if or when it could be available.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


ohh man i would love to have that…

vyprVPN would be 10/10 if it has its DNS working on dd-wrt