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It looks like Netflix in the UK are blocking VyprVPN, when trying to connect through the VPN I get an error about using a blocker or proxy…
I tried a US server and it does work (for US) but I would explicitly want to connect to Netflix UK.

Would love for you to fix it.

Hey @sosasami67,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with streaming. While many users utilize the VPN for streaming, it’s not specifically designed for it. We recommend trying the steps available in this troubleshooting guide for the best results, and there is some additional information available on our Blog about Netflix blocking VPN users.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Support Team

Hi, I have the same problem. I tried irish servers and it s the same. I tried other countries and everything is working. I tried the two links above and still the same. Thanks a lot for your help.

Hey @Yesvert,

Thanks for the feedback. Most users have reported success with US Netflix, but I haven’t heard other countries have been successful. Unfortunately, I can’t offer any further steps that would alleviate the UK Netflix issue but I am glad to hear you were able to access other countries.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

Customer Support

That’s very disappointing.
That’s exactly why users are using your VPN service and not being able to connect to such a popular service from the UK is very disappointing.
At least I would expect for you to have multiple servers or try to change ips once in a while.

It sounds like your official stance here is that VyprVPN just doesn’t actually do one of the core functions you advertise. I.e. use streaming services out of country.

Am I missing something?

To clarify, I’m trying to connect to a US server from Amsterdam as I travel. The downloading function is blocked for sure.

I’have exatly the same problem with any VPN in any country … but you continue to sell the service explicitly for Netflix too. for me now your service is useless, and I need to pay :frowning2:

Same here. Android Netflix app gives this error when vypr is connected to usa. Some other countries like Singapore dont give this error.

Agree that vypr advertisement is misleading here. I also purchased vypr because of this customer promise, which now seems to be an invalid promise.

A bit googling and there are alternatives that work. Some reviews also say that vypr works with browser version of netflix but doesnt work with native app versions.

Hope vypr can fix this soon before need to change to other providers…

I wouldn’t go against Vypr necessarily.

It could be that Netflix UK has different restrictions as opposed to Netflix US, Singapore or whatever.

You can opt for a combination of TOR + VyprVPN, or even run a VPS server to try and circumvent.

@ashwinparkar Hello! We are pleased our service is working so well for you! IF you need assistance in the future with any issue, please feel free to reach out to our support team at:

Thanks for this post