Accessing American Netflix in the UK

Well, I have come across various posts and threads not only here but many other forums as well asking for accessing the American Netflix in UK.

It is true that Netflix has been cracking down VPN services for quite long. But there are very few VPN services that provide us with servers which can help us to access American Netflix in UK.

I do use a Vyper VPN subscription for other purposes which I borrowed the account from my brother. But to access the American Netflix I use PureVPN as it does provide the desired servers for the access, and also at a cheaper rate.

Hope people having problems with the access of American Netflix in UK will have the issue sorted out.

Thanks for the information. but there is not only this one there are many best vpn for netflix which you try to use netflix and watch your favorite movies online without any hussle.i like to try FastestVPN on it but I read some fanatastic blog on a website where they mention the all best vpn for netflix with features and price comparison so you can easily the best one which suits your budget or your device too.

VyprVPN does help to unblock Netflix. The catch is that you need to connect to the working servers. And to know about Vypr’s Netflix VPN servers, you need to contact customer support. VyprVPN’s customer support is impressive and is so co-operative.

In the past, I had a few problems when I need to know about connectivity issues and Vypr use to take a lot of time to reply then. But after taking a strict notice over customer support issues, they have not just improvised their replying process, but also they resolve almost all the significant problems with 100% customer satisfaction.

ExpressVPN is also one of the best VPNs when it comes to accessing American Netflix. ExpressVPN uses high-level encryption standards, and throws in their unique servers dedicated to bypassing Netflix VPN bans for free as a benefit to purchasing a subscription.

Well, the source that I have mentioned in the thread does mention Purevpn, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and also the new entrant Surf Shark VPN that do work with Netflix.

I prefer to use Ivacy VPN to Unblock Netflix Outside US while I am traveling and some of my friends who live in Canada also use Ivacy to access the US Netflix Library. I’ve not used Pure VPN before, so can’t say anything about them but I am happy with Ivacy.

Be careful that the VPN you use choose has enough servers because Netflix has a strong algorithm that blocks VPN servers instantly. Now the VPN should have enough servers because when one server gets blocked, another should take it place so your streaming does not hinder.

I’ve been surprise by the fact that Windscribe works so well in order to unblock Netflix UK ! You should really consider this option :wink:

Hi there!

VyprVPN should be working for Netflix UK. If it’s not, please contact our support team so we can help out with that -

I just tried with VyprVPN and it didnt work, can you tell me which server I could use ?

If you’re wanting to view UK Netflix, then please make sure to connect to our server in the United Kingdom.

If you’re still having trouble with this, please see our support page here -

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

I’ve done all of this but the trouble still persist. What else can I do ??

Hey @Nico20

Can you reach out to our support team so we can look into this further for you?

Please do not use NordVpn! They were hacked and their user’s details leaked to who knows where.

It has gotten quite difficult since Netflix blocks most of the VPNs these days. However, you can go for these VPNs for streaming movies. They keep updating their servers to bypass the netflix VPN blocks. Have fun streaming!!!

Thank you for the nice article, I’m gonna have a look at it :slight_smile: