Accessing local IP when per app VPN is on

I need to access one of my local servers (let’s say

While I’m using Chrome in per app VPN mode I can’t access to the local server from the browser.
Is there anything I need to setup ?

Sorry if this question has been asked before but I couldn’t find the answer.

Tanks DC

@dcasarin I reached out to you via email in regards to this isssue so I can take a closer look.

Thanks I’ve just replied

Hi, I have the same problem. I use Vagrant based local development servers and when ever I activate VPN e.g. from home, I cannot access them. I have mapped my dev URLs to Vagrant IPs in /etc/hosts file.

hey @back-2-95,

We will reach out to you via email shortly regarding this matter.


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Did not get any email so far?


Sorry to hear you never received the email. I have emailed you again.


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I’m experiencing quite the same issue. Once I enable Connection per App, local tcp connections to local network stops to work. All hosts are pingable though

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please contact our support team at