AES-256-CBC on Ubuntu?

Hi, I’m new to VyprVPN. I have just been following VyprVPN’s ubuntu setup page for OpenVPN, and the service connects fine. However, when I look at the logs, it seems that VyprVPN is defaulting to 128 Blowfish encryption rather than the stronger AES 256. When I try to manually force it to use AES-256-CBC, I get the following message in the logs (and it doesn’t connect):

nm-openvpn[28125]: WARNING: ‘cipher’ is used inconsistently, local=‘cipher AES-256-CBC’, remote=‘cipher BF-CBC’

nm-openvpn[28125]: WARNING: ‘keysize’ is used inconsistently, local=‘keysize 256’, remote=‘keysize 128’

Am I missing something? Do I need to change the server I am connecting to, or something in ca.crt to let the server know I want to use the stronger encryption?

Thanks for your help.