Amazon ec2 instance in DNS leak test

When I connect VyprVPN and then perform a DNS leak test, I always see, in addition to the golden frog DNS server, an Amazon EC2 instance in the selected region. An Amazon EC2 instance appears in every test, no matter which region I connect through. E.g.:

I opened a support ticket with golden frog requesting more information about this and never heard back, which is concerning. Are these associated with golden frog and if so, what are they?

Hello @phineus,

Thank you for the inquiry. The majority of our servers will be named this way so that they cannot be identified as a VyprVPN DNS server by services or sites within the country of the VPN endpoint you are using.

We setup VyprDNS in such a way that prevents our customer’s DNS queries from being associated with their activity on VyprVPN. Doing this prevents organizations that restrict DNS from putting blocks in place for our users. This is done using a DNS relay system. DNS leak test sites such as the one you are using will see the last server in the DNS relay chain, which typically does not identify itself with VyprVPN services. This is so our DNS is not identified as coming from VyprVPN, which is the intended goal.

The AWS hostname associated with the last server DNS IP are not typically within our control, so we normally cannot change them. That’s why you are seeing IPs associated with a different hostname or provider. This discrepancy is the unfortunate result of improper reverse DNS information outside of our control.

DNS leak test sites make the faulty assumption that the DNS server to which the end-user makes the request is the actual DNS server from which the leak test will see the request, which is not how it works with VyprDNS, specifically because we don’t want DNS leak test servers seeing the request come from VyprVPN.

We go to great lengths to ensure all data sent over our network stays between VyprVPN and the customer. Our specific configuration of VyprDNS is just one of the ways we protect your data.