Amazon Prime streaming abroad not working despite VPN

Thanks Dustin.

After our email exchange where I tried using your Chameleon protocol I think I have a working hypothesis as to what’s going on.

Although it worked when I changed protocol I think this was just because I hadn’t accessed Amazon since the day before.

I think that if I go to any Amazon site and use my account - UK, Italy, Germany - they log my location. If I then switch on VPN, I suspect they apply the location they just logged to my account, not to anything on my computer.

So at the moment I think the secret is to only access Amazon via VPN, and not leave any Amazon tabs open in the background, if you’re going to want to use location locked services.

I’ll keep monitoring the pattern of what works and what doesn’t and when, and will report back if I find something to disprove this hypothesis.

I too have this issue and I’m using OpenVPN configuration on my router.

Hi Dustin,

Has there been an official solution provided for this issue? I am having the exact same issues and wondering if there was a proper workaround for this. Thanks!

Hey @rationaldna

At this time we are still investigating issues with Amazon Prime. If you are interested in receiving an update on this matter, please check back with our staff on the following thread or issue a support request to our staff via e-mail. This will also provide us with the ability to attach your support request to a master thread which will be updated as more details are available. Thank you!

Support Team

I’m currently at home in UK and use Amazon Prime w/o VPN and it works nicely.
After turning VPN on it doesn’t work anymore.
They simply block the IP address.
If they get multiple requests from one IP address with different users they just block it.
I guess there is a threshold of lets say 50 users to avoid families being trapped.

Hello @Moder,

Thank you for reaching out to us via our official forum.

Do you notice this issue happens on specific server locations or connection protocols?

Is Amazon Prime the only service you are having an issue with?

We would be more than happy to assist you in potentially getting access to this service back.

Please contact us directly at or we have a live chat service available on our website.


I use only Amaon Prime.
I tried from UK and with VPN it gave the region message, without it worked fine.

They block the fixed IP.


Thank you for getting back to us.

Please contact our support team directly at the following e-mail address and we would be more than happy to assist further.

Golden Frog Support

Nearly 6 months later and this still isn’t working. BBC isn’t either.

Meanwhile, everyone I know overseas is using other VPN services on which both Amazon and BBC work.

To add insult to injury, in November my auto-renewal for Vypr kicked in. I didn’t want to renew for another year; I hadn’t realised I had an auto-renewal; and when cancelling the auto-renewal the wording is very misleading and implies that the service will stop working immediately, not at the end of the subscription. Frankly, this is a sharp business practice.

This service is completely useless to me without BBC or Amazon, and now I’ve paid for 15 months of a subscription that does not do the job I want it to. Worse, I now need to pay for another VPN service to get the service that I want.

On top of all that, you in Support keep suggesting that we the customers do all sorts of troubleshooting, jumping through all sorts of unnecessary hoops, when we report this problem, implying that the problem is our end. Bu it should have been clear to you all along that the problem is at your end and with these services’ ability to block your VPN.

This is not acceptable. Frankly, this stage, my trust in you is so badly damaged that I’m not sure what you can do to win me back as a customer, beyond fixing this in the next two weeks or so before I take out a six month subscription with another VPN service. Once that happens I will certainly never come back when my subscription runs out, even if you fix this problem. A refund would, however, persuade me not to post bad reviews of your service all over the Internet.


We apologize for our lack of communication regarding the situation with streaming services while using VyprVPN.

However, this isn’t due to a lack of concern for our users. We are still working out an acceptable solution to restore these specific uses to our customers.

Golden Frog Support

Having the same issue from the UK trying to access US version of Prime. Any update in a fix?

Hello @amznuser,

I do wish that I could say that we have reached a resolution to this issue. However, we are still conducting internal testing to determine the best way to handle this long-term for our customers, because we know many use our service primarily for streaming their content. Right now, I’m unable to provide an ETA as to when a resolution for this issue will be reached, but we are continuing to look into the matter.

Thank you for your continued patience in this matter!


I agree with the frustration of numerous people in this thread. Originally I had a support ticket open with Golden Frog for this issue. That has since been closed. I have tried getting in contact with GF via Twitter, email and now via this thread. All I am ever told is that I should check back here for updates. I have no great complaints with the service, and have used it happily for the last year. However, this problem has continued for some time, and at this point my only option is to switch to another service (I pay for four different services to access streaming content for my home and family, and this is the only one which is having trouble with Amazon Video). I have no complaints about the service provided by GF on many fronts, but after this length of time, how can we users (who pay for the service) have faith that the problem will be resolved? Some real timeline would be appreciated.

I agree with the above posters, a timeline on this issue is overdue. Other services seem able to solve this problem, a timeline is the least we can expect from Goldenfrog.


I complained some months ago about the lack of accessibility of Amazon Instant Video and I think it’s high time that we customers get an exhaustive information.

I agree 100 with Feanor from 31 Jan. I got hit with the VyprVPN auto-renewal charge, Dump Truck and other features get dropped, Amazon Instant Prime stops working, I’m given huge lists of technical steps to test the problem myself (which I do), and every time I ask for a tech update I get treated like “well, that’s the way it goes with a VPN, sometimes Amazon just figures it out” and somehow it’s MY fault for expecting VyprVPN to work with Amazon since other VPNs do.

So basically, I’ve already been billed for something that no longer provides the same services and for some reason Golden Frog can’t achieve what other VPNs can. Frustrating. Have already recommended friends to stay away and find a reliable provider. Will continue to do so.

And another month gone with no news.

Awful, isn’t it. Every month or so I make a thread for any updates with iplayer or Netflix and they get closed - and deleted! - with the same old ‘Yeah yeah we’re working on it’ with barely any apology, explanation or info on how long it will take.

This might be the worst service I’ve ever paid for. Will continue to share my bad experience withVyperVPN across the web/to any friends considering buying a VPN

Shame I’ve got another 5 months left with a service that is absolutely useless.


Please read our recent blog post at the link below for more information about our stance on the issues with Netflix and other streaming services.

Thank you,
Golden Frog Support