Android 11 and connection by application


I have 2 different Android devices. Both devices are running last VyprVPN apk ( One device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T510 (Android 10). The other device is a Samsung Galaxy A40 SM-A405FN/DS (Android 11). The VPN connection works correctly on both devices, except for one very important thing. When activating the connection by application, all the applications appear on the Android 10 device; however, only some applications appear on the Android 11 device, so it is not possible to use local applications that must surround the VPN (local network control apps for foobar2000, for FireTV, VLC remote, etc).

On both devices I am using the same server and the same protocol/account/configuration. Previously, on the Android 11 device, the app selection displayed all apps. ¿Maybe it is something that has stopped working correctly when updating the android version from 10 to 11 on the Samsung Galaxy A40 phone?.

Please, this is a must-have feature for me, and sure for many others. If the problem is in some type of incompatibility with Android 11, I beg you to solve it as soon as possible, or at least offer a temporary solution. I have tried to install older versions of the VyprVPN APK and the bug remains.


Sorry for the trouble with the Connection Per App feature on Android - we’re aware of this and we are working to correct the issue with all apps not showing as they should in the Connection Per App menu.

We plan to have this issue corrected in the upcoming VyprVPN 4.4.0 update for Android.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for your quick response. I hope that version 4.4.0 is available as soon as possible.