Android, Invalid username or password

when i connect the vpn the app shows me Invalid username or password. Afther i try two login again it says cannot login now please wait and try again


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble connecting. The account associated with your forum account is currently active and available for use so you should be able to login like normal.

Please completely log out of the VyprVPN application, restart your device, and then login once more and attempt to connect.

If you need to reset your password, you can do so from this page:

If you are connecting from China, I can advise that China began blocking the OpenVPN protocol on January 12th, in their latest round of VPN-related blocking. VyprVPN users connecting out of China can switch to any other VyprVPN protocol to successfully connect, and we recommend switching to our proprietary Chameleon protocol which effectively defeats VPN blocking in China and around the world.

For the latest updates on the status of China’s blocking efforts, we recommend bookmarking this link:

Please contact our support team directly if you require further assistance and we can investigate your specific situation a little more closely.


Support Team

i will try again when i got spare time
actully i m in china, but it works well on my windows pc

the proprietary Chameleon protocol is very usefull
after i log out and login again it works well thanks for you help