Android leakage

Has anyone experienced issues with DNS or other info leakage on any Samsung Android device s? Is VPN really secure or the only way to have a secure VPN on Android is to have a VPN router? Any comments/suggestions

The VyprVPN app for Android automatically uses VyprDNS when you connect to the VPN using the VyprVPN app. VyprDNS is Golden Frog’s 100% owned and operated DNS service available exclusively for VyprVPN users. We developed our zero-knowledge VyprDNS service to increase user privacy and defeat censorship across the world. For more information regarding VyprDNS, how it defeats DNS censorship, our zero DNs logging policy, and how VyprDNS compares to 3rd Party DNS, please visit

If you have any further questions or concerns about VyprDNS, feel free to contact our Support team at