Android TV - Connection per app

I don’t see this option in the Settings menu. Is this feature not yet available or is it not possible in Android TV? Hopefully this will be fixed soon because some apps like Kodi and Netflix don’t work when I have VyprVPN service running.

Hello Wolmerian,

Please be aware that a number of features currently found in our VyprVPN for Android application have been omitted for the Android TV build of VyprVPN, mostly due to compatibility issues with a number of Android TV based devices. As of now, the following features are currently unavailable on this build:

  • Automatic Connect - Connect On Cellular
  • Settings - Connection Per App
  • Settings - Notifications
  • Settings - Help Improve VyprVPN - Golden Frog Beta Program
  • Settings - Spread The Word

We understand that the Connection Per App feature is of high importance to a number of our users, and hope to have this feature implemented in a future build. If our stance on this matter changes, we will be sure to keep our users informed.

Thank you for your feedback.

Best Regards,

Any update on this feature? Other VPN provider apps have this feature for Android TV.

Hello @fuzzynet,

We do not have an update on the Connection per App feature for Android TV. It is in our plans for future app releases, however we do not have an ETA on when this will be implemented.
Once implemented, this feature will be listed here: