Any official updates re WG in CN

Hi VyprVPN Dev team,

Is there any improvement (customization when it comes to Open Source) in the usage of WireGuard in CN? I heard about your dedicated troubleshooting team. I know, you too, the WALL here.

How about “Life finds the way” BESIDES your Chameleon?

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Case study: How can this Tuber app scale China’s Great Firewall that effectively?


As far as we can tell, the Chinese government is blocking:

  • VPN server IP addresses
  • Websites owned by VPN providers
  • Ports used by VPNs
  • VPN download links
  • VPN traffic

Chinese government uses DPI (Deep Packet Check) to block your OpenVPN traffic.

Personally, the WALL is also trying/learning to detect, “recognize” then interfer with your Chameleon as well. In my area, only some servers are not that slow and, stable (acceptable speed), some are almost unusable, even when it comes your Chameleon.

REF: Mortimer Rodgers@ Nintendo Power.

Seems that yr Chameleon-based connections/servers have become unstable?

Private MSG is needed, if possible.

Connected then connection gets lost/blocked in few minutes: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET.

Maybe, your own DNS server has been detected & blocked.

I think the connection is getting blocked. I have same problem. It also happens when using IKEv2.

Sorry for the trouble! Our technical team is looking into it. Please bear with us. In the meantime, if you want to contact us with additional information at

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@nadyap: Thx for helping us.

seems that Chameleon-based connections become normal > better (longer) now, at the time of commenting.

And, personally, if you can resolve your Chameleon-DNS blocking issue (if yes), then how about WG-DNS blocking?

UPD: the status is so unstable again.

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Yeah, most connections lasts only a few minutes. It’s extremely annoying.