Any other options except the Tomato by Shibby for Netgear R8000 router?

The Firmware of Tomato by Shibby remains the version of the year 2017 (, it has been four years. The technology updates and changes a lot in these years. I have honour experiencing many versions of VyprVPN application in android, TV, IOS and windows. I am living in China where VPN is challenged a lot, which also make me have been seeing the development and improvement of VyprVPN.

This time, I am troubling in applying the VyprVPN in my Netgear R8000 router. I can’t flash the firmware with Tomato by Shibby. Trust me, I have worked hard and spent lots of time on the implementation. Unfortunately, it still can not work because there is a security setting checking to forbid further processing. The warning message is ‘The firmware is not compatiable with your router. Error code -1.’, I have tried to revert all firmware from the official site of Netgear, all failed.

Therefore, I wonder that does VyprVPN development team is considering a new convenient solution for the Router? I am looking forwarded to use the VyprVPN in Router.

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Unfortunately, since the Netgear R8000 router is a K26ARM7 type, it will not work with the VyprVPN router app, even if you get Tomato installed on it.

This VyprVPN support page will outline the hardware requirements of the VyprVPN Router App -

And this Tomato page will show which routers are compatible with which versions of Tomato -

Since Tomato is listed as a K26ARM7 type (and not a K26ARM type), it will unfortunately not work with the VyprVPN router app.

Since Chameleon is usually needed to reliably connect to VyprVPN from within China, I would recommend using the VyprVPN application on your individual devices to maintain a stable connection.

this is ridiculous…
We pay for the VyprVPN because it supports router app…

To install the router app only possible with an old tomato firmware that has no support since 2017 … full of vulnerabilities and on the top of this VyprVPN not even supports the most powerful device supported by Tomato!

Whats the point of having a VPN in a unsecure device connected to internet?

This is a joke! Please understand how ridiculous VyprVPN is being and develop an app to be used in DD-WRT or OpenWRT that is widely supported and allows 2021 routers.

By the way, what you should want to say is
“since VyprVPN does not develop its own app since 2015 no other router after this date is supported”