Any servers with direct peering to China Telecom?

I hope this is okay to ask. Direct peering really speeds up connections.

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What I meant was: are there any servers that currently have direct peering with China Telecom? Direct peering is when two ISPs connect their network together for faster speeds between networks. From what I heard, expressvpn hosts one of their servers on Rackspace Hong Kong, which has direct peering with China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile.

You need to get a direct circuit drop from ChinaUnicom to your service. the disadvantage to this method it might not go well with your ROI if your budget is limited.

Also, Just recently I had VMware in Hong Kong; on I tested the connection time from all over China.

On average the connection was 5 times faster from Hong Kong to China vs to OVH Canada or in North Virginia to China.