App does not reconnect automatically

Since i got a bad experience with your support team via email, i´ll try it here. I just copyed all my tries to explain the problem (without any success):

If you (for example) kill the connection somehow to the ISP in the router, so that the PC has no connection to the Internet anymore, when the App (for Windows) is connected to a server, it is loosing the connection after a while of cause.
Instead of automatically trying to reconnect (setting in Options is activated), it pops up a message box with the question like “Connecting was not possible, should we try to fix that prob?”.
Even when you then make everything working again, so the PC gets Internet back, it do not automatically reconnect. It remains in this position instead of trying to reconnect again after a while (like in previous version of the app).
You have to click on “No thanks” and you must manually click on the connect button then. No automatic actions.

Try#2 after the answer "The message box you are referring to is the apps attempt to reconnect“:
You have to click manually on “No thanks”, if you don´t, for example because you don´t monitor this PC overnight, it stays in this position (disconnected). That isn´t an automatic reconnect. In former versions (for example V2.9.6.7227) it just gives an message that it lost connection, and then it reconnects without any action needed.

So I kill the connection to the ISP, then after a while it disconnects. Then after a while comes the message, and it remains in this disconnected position (I was waiting 5 minutes).
If I then click on „No thanks”, when the internet is still disconnected in the router, the connect button of the app is blue, and it stays in this position, disconnected. I was waiting 5 minutes, no automatic reconnect.
Why don´t you just remove that silly question – Message? It should just try to reconnect forever (not only X times!!!), for example every minute.
Additional request: I would really love you when it would try 5 times the server it was connected before, and then tries another FAVORITE server 5 times, and so on, this prcedere forever until you close the App. (a favorite server, if you have some server marked as a favorite, please not the fastest, that would not work in every network!!!).

(After explaining some other tests) So the message and the stop of automatic reconnection (= the Problem) happens only when it cannot connect to a server once due to a fail of the line. Even when the line is back nothing automatic happens.

The problem is not that it sometimes not work after the first attempt to reconnect, or that there is no guarantee that it will work after the first attempt to reconnect. The Problem is that it stops to reconnect after the first try. If it don´t establish a connection on first try, it do not try again!!! There is no automatic reconnect after it fails once.

Maybe someone else has this problem and could second that.