App doesn't reconnect after Kill Switch

Hi there

I am using vyprVPN on my Android Device. I have the kill switch enabled, but also have it setup, so it automatically connects. I thought that once a connection is broken the kill switch will kill all connections and the app will then try to reconnect automatically. At the moment it just stays disconnected leaving me without an Internet connection, and I have to go in, once I notice, and manually reconnect. Does that mean I am doing something wrong/have the wrong settings, or is that actually correct?

Many thanks


Thank you for your patience. The Automatic Reconnect feature will only attempt to re-establish a connection due to a dropped connection. Regardless if the Kill Switch is engaged or not, this feature is not guaranteed to always re-establish the connection. This will result in having to manually connect from time to time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Customer Support