App specific connection settings gone!


what happened to the app specific connection settings?! They are gone in version 2.11!

Please bring them back!


Hello @usul123,

The Connection Per App feature is still available in our latest version ( of the VyprVPN app for Android. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right of the VyprVPN app. In the Connection section, you should see Connection Per App. Tap it. To turn on the feature, you tap the slide bar in the upper right. Tap the app in the list that you wish to set specific settings for and select your choose. Tap OK.

If you are not seeing Connection Per App, you may wish to attempt uninstalling the VyprVPN app and then reinstalling it.

Please let us know if you still don’t see the Connection Per App feature.


Hi @samuel,

no, it is not available in the settings anymore.

Not surprisingly reinstalling it did have no effect. At least not on the Shield Android TV.

Just to make sure, I did install the beta and Connection per App is available there. BTW: Why is your “beta” always an old version?!

Have you checked it on (Shield) Android TV? I can’t imagine why this option should be depending on the Android version / device, but obiously it is not shown since the latest update anymore.



Would it be possible for you to attach a picture of the settings you are seeing on your next reply? As there should be no reason this specific feature is not appearing on your Shield TV.

Also, what version of Android is currently running on your Shield TV?

To clarify, do you have any other Android devices that are not seeing the Per-App setting?

Golden Frog Support

Hi @Dustin,

I checked my Nexus 6P and there I still have the option. Both are using

My Shield Android TV is updated to the current official version: Android 5.1 and SHIELD Android TV 2.1. No updates are available at this time.

Please find attached a screenshot of Vypr on the Shield. It is in German, but you will still be able to tell that one option is missing. I am not allowed to post the second picture of my Nexus in the same post. If you need it, I will add it as well.


Any update on this?

I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. While the app specific settings are available in the Android app, if you are using Android TV, you will not have access to Connection Per App, Notifications, and several other mobile device specific options. We do not have plans to implement the Connection Per App feature on the Android TV platform.

Golden Frog Support

Hi @robert ,

regarding the Connection Per App you are mistaken: This feature was available on the Android TV before the last update a couple of weeks ago!

There is no implementing involved, it worked without problems! Please check the VyprVPN Beta: This feature is still available in this (older) version.

So what happened?

  1. Miscommunication?
  2. Inadvertently removed / bug?
  3. Conscious decision to remove it?

Please check again, because it is a very helpful feature that is available on all other supported platforms.


I may have worded the implementing part incorrectly. What I mean is that this feature, along with several others, was removed from the most recent release due to them not working on most Android TV boxes. Since this feature did work for you, feel free to continue to use the beta or another older version. Just keep in mind that we won’t be officially supporting this feature on Android TV boxes moving forward.

Golden Frog Support

This was one of the best features VyprVPN had to offer and I am somewhat sceptical as to the reason why it was removed. Android TV is not as fragmented as Android after all, at least not the console like devices. TV sets might be a different thing, but even then the solution should not affect all Android TV devices.

Having to activate and deactivate it all the time now is a huge step back, so I urge you to reconsider the removal of this feature.

Thanks for letting us know. Your feedback is appreciated on this matter. We will definitely take that into consideration moving forward.

If you have any further ideas or feature requests, please feel free to reach out on our ideas page.

Support Team