Are other Mac users in China able to log in to the app?

I am just talking about logging in, not connecting to any of the servers. The servers that the VyprVPN app contacts to log in users seem to be blocked in China. However, logging in works fine on iOS.

Hello @Zirconium

Sorry to hear you are having trouble logging in on the Mac. Are you receiving any error messages when you try? If so, what does it say? For further assistance with this issue, please contact our support team via live chat at


The app just stays on the logging in screen with the dark background and the VyprVPN logo. I don’t receive any error messages and no extension from Golden Frog are blocked.

Hello @Zirconium

Thank you for the clarification. At this time, I’d like to have you try uninstalling/reinstalling VyprVPN using the uninstaller tool in the .dmg box (note: uninstalling by dragging the VyprVPN app from the applications folder to the trash will not resolve the issue). In order to run a proper uninstall, please follow these instructions!

  1. Download the latest version here:
    2.Quit VyprVPN from the Menu Bar icon>Quit, then double-click the .dmg file that was downloaded. In the installation window, scroll down and find the Uninstall VyprVPN icon
  2. Run the Uninstaller from here and when it is complete, return to the .dmg, click to open the installer window, and drag the VyprVPN icon to the Applications folder there
  3. Re-launch the app, accept helper tool permissions, and try the connection again

If the issue persists after trying these steps, then please contact our support team via live chat at