Backup configuration for Router App

I have, unfortunately, had to reinstall the app and firmware a few times. The hardest part is when I have to reconfigure all of the devices under the Per Device VPN, i.e. adding known names and specific privileges using previous screenshots because resetting the router wipes it all out. A handy upgrade for the app would be to backup and restore these settings that are separate from the router configuration.

Hey @Karl,

Thanks for the input! That sounds like a great idea. I understand reconfiguring all those settings can get a bit tedious after a re-flash. If you want, you can also submit this idea to our ideas page:

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you can make a backup using ssh or using router tools

— Using SSH
use “nvram show | grep vypr” to get all parameters. Save them using text editor (copy/paste)
to restore, create a file on the router:
vi /tmp/restore
paste all the lines you need form your backup.
for exemple, the vyprvpn_binding
use this syntax
nvram set vyprvpn_binding="bla bla bla"
you need to use a file, because the line is too long for shell
then run those commands:
sh /tmp/restore nvram commit
then reboot router

— using Router Tool (easier)
Go to Tools > System Commands
to backup, put
nvram show | grep vypr and execute
copy/paste all you need to notepad.
to restore, put
nvram set vyprvpn_binding="bla bla bla" nvram commit
and reboot

important point: “vyprvpn_bindind” use double quotes, so you need to change them to "

Hey @mjeanne,

Thanks for the input! I can’t say with confidence that all users will have the same success setting up a backup using this method. However, if it works for you, then by all means go for it!

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