Big Sur compatibility?

Is VyprVPN compatible with Big Sur? Wanted to find out before I do the upgrade.

Hi @zenjim Our VyprVPN app works with the new Big Sur OS however we are still working on our CPA feature to be compatible with Big Sur 11.0 OS.

awesome, thank you!!!

Sadly i have to report serious issue comes with Big Sur. :frowning: I had version 4.1.0 which worked fine with previous version. After update to Big Sur. It keeps crashing und causes black screen of death. I couldn’t use Vyvpn AT ALL. Updating to 4.1.1 didn’t help either. Please please fix this issue, it drives me nuts. I usually restart my macbook once a while like weeks, in the past 5 days, i have restarted, i was forced of cause, over 20 times. >_<

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Hi @joshua we apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on a fix for the issue on Big Sur os.

Hallo, ich habe die gleichen Probleme wie joshua. Wenn ich vyprvpn starte, stürzt MacOs Big Sur ab. Bitte schnell fixen.

Same here. Is there a beta version to try? For now I can’t use VyprVPN but have paid!

Same Here. I’m running VyprVPN_v3.3.0.7962 for Mac and it keeps crashing Big Sur. It stays in that crashing ‘loop’ until I Safe Boot and uninstall Vypr VPN for Mac.

it’s been working like a champ for me. Connected for 459 hours without issue

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