Bill C-10 passed by liberals to regulate the streaming service

November 2020, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault, who introduced Bill C-10 and this bill has passed in todays morning. This is actually aims to regulate programming distributed by media streaming services and social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, a measure that critics warn could infringe on individual speech. Moreover, is meant to subject tech giants to the same requirements as traditional broadcasters — effectively compelling companies like Netflix Inc. and TikTok Inc. to finance and promote Canadian content.

From yesterday, I got number of tweets regarding this bill and how to overcome this restriction. Most of the Canadians tweets to use a VPN and get rid of this. Is this an actual solution of it?

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It doesn’t look like this bill is going to impose any additional restrictions that would affect people’s ability to view content from online streaming providers. But if it does, a VPN could help by allowing access to content that would normally only be available to someone who is located within Canada.

Is every vpn gives an anonymity on internet or some specific? Because I don’t think so that every provider has a capability to do.

A VPN can increase security and privacy online, but we don’t believe that any VPN can make you truly anonymous on the web. Please feel free to take a look at our blog post regarding VPNs and anonymity online -