"Block Lan network" option on Android App

Hello Everybody,

I am trying Vypr and I can’t find an option present in the Mac client : I can’t find a way to Block Lan network while connected to vpn or not.
On the MAC client, you have a box to check and it works fine (I always uncheck that box to easyly access my local network (192.168.X.Y)). Perfect ! But how can I have the same thing while accessing my local network from my smartphone ?

Thank you in advance for your help


Hello @Ryfe,

Thanks for reaching out on our forums. We currently don’t offer this feature on mobile platforms. Although it sounds like a great idea. Feel free to submit this to our ideas page:

Golden Frog Ideas

This will allow other users to vote on your idea as well!

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Thanks @Wes for you quick answer,

I indeed went on the suggested link to add this feature request… only to realize a similar one, flagged as "Under Review, has been suggested in 2014 !!! :astonished:
link to the feature request I’m talking about

I added 3 votes and I invite any user having this issue to do the same (hoping it will help to have this feature integrated before 2020 :wink:)

All joke aside, being obliged to switch on and off the vpn on the smartphone while accessing our NAS, our chromecast, etc… is not excellent.

Thanks again for your quick reply


Hey @Ryfe

We appreciate your feedback!

I understand that isn’t ideal, but thank you for voting on the feature request and hopefully we’ll add this feature in the future.

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Alternatively. I am using the Android Open vpn Client. It has an option to bypass vpn for local networks under the routing tab. I have two profiles on it one with this feature on and one without. That way I can use the one with vpn bypass at home for Chromecast etc and the other one for public networks… Hope that helps !