Can not Login on Android MIUI 9 Android ORea

Hi I am currently in China using your services and they rock. Yesterday the manual connection I established to the tx server got interrupted so I restarted my device.
I installed the app via the manual connection but I cant log into the app nor can I establis a manual connection to hk tx sui or uk.
Could you look into this? Maybe tell me if there is some connection error.

My iOS devices have no problem connecting

P.S.: I have a simlar problem on my laptop (win10) everything worked fine for a day or two then i wasnt able to ping any server this seems connect


Thank you for contacting Golden Frog support.

Are you able to login at with the same credentials?

If so, please note we recently updated our server IP addresses. Please try connecting the manual VPN connection with one of the server IP addresses found here:

Once you’re connected manually, try to login to the app. If you’re not able to login with the manual connection. Try connecting your computer to your phones mobile network and then see if you can login to the app.

If you need further assistance please reach out to our support team at and we will be happy to assist you.