Cannot Connect to New FireStick 4K

I submitted a support ticket that I’m going to copy and paste below, but the quick summary is VyprVPN works fine on AndroidTV, but does not work on the same TV with a new FireStick 4k connected. IPVanish works on the Firestick.

[[Copy of Support Ticket:]]

Vyprvpn does not connect on the FireStick. I have tried 5 different servers and they all produce the same response. The connection cycles through resolving and authenticating for over a minute and then does not connect in the end.

It works FINE on my AndroidTV. I need this to work on my FireStick or else I won’t be able to utilize VyprVPN.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it has no impact.

Version listed on the FireStick app is
FireTVStick is the Fire TV Stick 4K.
FIre OS (NS6281/3385)
FireTV Home Version: 6322093.1

Video is not uploading but available here from this share link:

Hey, thanks for taking the time to post about VyprVPN on FireTV.

We’re working on updating the version of VyprVPN that’s available in the app store. Unfortunately, due to changes made on our side since the release of 2.27, that version won’t work.

We are working as fast as we can to get VyprVPN updated in the Amazon Store. Until then, sideloading a newer version of the app has been working on FireTV devices, if you’d like to try that -

Has the updated app been released yet on the Amazon Fire TV App Store?

Not yet, but it’s a definite priority for us right now.

So what is it? I’ve seen now for 2-3 months you guys have been saying this same thing. Is it an AMAZON thing why it’s not yet listed or is this a P3 or P4 planned 6 sprints out?!

I installed that version but it looks like I cannot log-in on it. When on the screen to put the log-in information; it does not show the keyboard…

Any ideas on how to solve that?