Cannot connect to servers

Since the latest version of vypr I am having severe problems. Vpn starts to work, then after a while it stops working. I can not connect to vypr again. I am having this effect on 3 different iPads. All with iOS 8.3 . I am in my own wifi, and the version before worked very good.
That I means at the moment, your service does not work for me.


We are sorry to hear you are experiencing connection issues on your iPads. Do you notice anything specific about the failures? Such as error messages or common servers that seem to fail on all of them. Do you have any non-iOS devices that are also experiencing connection problems? It could be an issue with the IPSec protocol that iOS is defaulted too. You could try setting up a connection to one of our servers manually with the following steps:

This will help us determine if the issue is with the application itself or if it is potentially an issue with the connection to our servers. If that doesn’t help our support team would be more than happy to assist further with these connection problems. You can contact them either through the application itself or you can send us an e-mail at

Golden Frog Support

I’m having the same issue on my iPhone 8.3 device.
I installed the app, certificate and profile successfully. But I always receive the error message that no VPN connection could be established.
If I create a L2TP or PPTP connection manually in settings app, it is working.

Hello @hw1380,

Thank you for reaching out on this issue with connections from the iOS application.

This is interesting as you can make a connection with manual L2TP setups, but not the application. the odd thing is that the application and a manual L2TP connection use the same protocols, and ports. We would like to investigate this issue further in email ticket. Can you please open the VyprVPN application, and open the Option from the Gear icon in the top left. Then, scroll to the bottom and click Help, Report a Bug. Lastly, in the field type the description of this issue, insure ‘Include Connection Logs” is checked, and send.

From here we will continue investigating this issue in email to better record this issue!

Thank you,
Golden Frog support