Cannot log into VyprVpn (could not connect to server error)


I cannot log in into VyprVpn both iPad and iPhone app. The Mac OS X version is just working fine. I am running 8.4 on both devices. Error I get while logging in is “Could not connect to the server”.



I’m sorry to hear you’re getting that error on your iOS devices.

Please go ahead and ‘log out’ (through the VyprVPN app settings, via the gear icon on the upper-right side of the app) on the iPad and iPhone.

Next, please log back in to the VyprVPN app (you will be prompted to re-install a new VyprVPN profile)

Please let us know your results.



Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply. I was not able to do that since it was stuck in the first screen (where you have to insert your login credentials). However, after switching off and on the Background App Refresh (under Settings of iPad) and relaunching the App solved the problem! :smile:

Thanks and regards,


Good to know!

Thank you for the update.

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know.