Can't connect server on my PC and Mac in China

I baught the vpn for two years and no connect on my pc (win 10)and mac(sierra) in same wifi. and I can’t even send my connect report to the vypr.
Fortunately I can connect the server on my iphone and ipad in the same wifi or 4G.
I used every ways the supporter told me , it doesn’t work.Is it just me or all china based users are the same?


Hello @sayaddy

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble connecting on your PC and Mac devices. In case you didn’t know you can manually retrieve the logs on your PC and Mac and send them to our support team. The steps to manually send the logs on PC and Mac can be found at the following links:

Once you have the logs, please send them to our support team via email at or go to


Thanks man. I check that file and I can only find vyprvpn. log in that folder
I will send that to the support team.

and why my app don’t show the set button on side of the chameleon mode.

Port selection is only for OpenVPN, not Chameleon. That is why you do not see the option for Chameleon.

I’m in china and I’m also having trouble contacting support using the vyprvpn app. I clearly clicked send to support, but I got no email notifying me my report was received.

Greetings! If the app successfully sent the support ticket, we should be able to respond to it soon (which will show up in your email). However, if in doubt, you may create the ticket using our online form. Here is a mirror-link to the page: