Can't get QNAP App to work


Just signed up and installed the QNAP App via the App Center. I’m running the version of the QNAP OS on a TS-251+. When I launch the app it opens a new browser window (instead of an app interface inside the QNAP “desktop” like others would), but maybe that’s expected. Anyway, when I click connect it tries for a second and then says “Disconnected” and at the bottom of the screen it says simply “An Application Error has occurred”.

Any thoughts?

Nevermind! Turns out I had to restart my NAS for “QVPN” to show up, and once that was installed, Vypr works.

Hey @Jason_Hough_Jason_M

I am glad to hear your QNAP app issue is resolved. Please let us know if you have any further questions by contacting us at the following link:

Customer Support