Can't pay with Alipay?

I heard that VyprVPN 4.0 Beta provides WireGuard technical services, but I found that your website no longer supports Alipay payment.

Will you support Alipay payment in the future?

This is a serious blow to Chinese users, because many ordinary people in mainland China do not have credit cards. Mainland China is very different from the United States. We are not a country with a large amount of credit card per capita. Many ordinary people do not have credit cards. This will become a big obstacle for Chinese users to buy.

Hello @yanheqi

Alipay is no longer an accepted payment method for us. We now accept Union Pay which a lot of our China customers are using. There are no plans at the moment to accept Alipay in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Is an ordinary UnionPay card acceptable?
Or must it be a credit card with the UnionPay logo?

We accept the standard Union Pay card.





证明?发什么证明?没明白? 不就是储蓄卡绑定Paypal 吗? 还要邮件证明?


刚购买时。留意邮件。。。会要你发支付的证明。。 他们这里支付需要人工验证你是否真的支付了你把支付证明回复那封邮件就对了。。 还有paypal使用你自己最好熟悉一下。我只能帮你到这里

哦好的,我2018年购买后,到期就没再续费了。现在用SSR 和v2ray 。你如果日常使用,其实我还是建议你用ssr或者v2ray。买这些来用,这些机场有很多,速度刚刚的,8K秒开。比VPN好用多了。