Can't set vpn up in china

Set the vypr vpn up on my iPhone before I got to China and installed ca certificate and vpn profile. But didn’t go through this process on my iPad - is it too late? I’m in China now and can’t get the iPad to set up

Hello Turnerj,

It’s not too late at all. The only difference this time is if you are not able to install the certificates due to limits imposed by the Chinese networks. You will just need to use the following page to set up a connection to our servers manually.

After that manual connection is established, simply start the application and install the certificate/profile just like you did on your phone.

Golden Frog Support

Thanks for the reply. I managed to set it up following your instructions.

I am having issues connecting to the vpn, it is very hit and miss, taking a while to connect and also disconnects a lot. I am currently in Shanghai with good internet connection. Is there anything I can do to improve this?

Hey @Turnerj,

I am happy to see that you were able to setup and get connected to the VPN with Dustin’s assistance. I see that you are having some time getting connected and retaining this connection over time. This issue can normally be connected to latency to the server location that you are connecting to, and if a certain times of day ISP peak times.

First, I suggest that if using the application to insure that you are connecting to a location that provides optimal Ping times. To test this please open the server locations list in the application and click the speedometer in the top right of the window. Locations with the best times will display ping times in Green, and less optimal locations in Yellow then Red.

Next, I would suggest that you attempt to use protocols that are less resource intensive such as, PPTP and L2TP.

Lastly, the only other suggestions would be to insure that this issue affects all devices on the same network.

Please get back to us if this does not help, you can also send application logs so that we can better assist you! To submit the logs through the application, please launch the VyprVPN app and click the Settings icon (gear icon) in the top-right corner. From the Settings menu, select Help, and then “Contact Support” or “Report a bug”. Please enter a short description of the issue and verify “Include connection log” is checked, and then click Send.


Golden Frog Support

Sad. Seems like lots of people having trouble in china.