Chameleon is quarter to my OpenVPN speed

Just wondering if there is any speed limit on Chamelon connections? Reason I ask is because I am able to get speeds of 80Mbps with OpenVPN 256-bit on many of your servers, however once Chameleon is in action, I am never able to hit anything above 20Mbps. I checked from two different locations (within EU, outside EU), different Mac computers, one of which is very powerful 6-core Mac Pro. I am talking about the same VyprVPN servers with speed tests to the same hosts, just with different protoctol OpenVPN 256-bit vs Chamelon 256-bit.

How come it’s quarter of my OpenVPN connection?

Hello @dxb,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

The Chameleon protocol provides an added layer of encryption, and with greater levels of encryption, you can expect to see a small reduction in speed. However, since you state you are only receiving a quarter of the speeds you are seeing over OpenVPN 256, I would like to take a closer look into this for you. I will be following up with you through our email support channel once more to gather additional information and further assist with this issue. Please be on the lookout for our email shortly!

Golden Frog Technical Support