Chamleon crashed my China Mobile connected

Just a heads up for those trying out the Chamleon protocol. I was using it last night for about 2 hours. Firewall caught wind of it or the service provider (CMCC) sniffed out some weird IP activity?

I was booted off the server after that.

I wasn’t able to connect online until I called the service technician to re-log me back into the router the next day.

Are there certain configurations I need to adjust to avoid further incidents?

Hey @Todd_Gackt,

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. The only adjustment that might need to be made to your router is to make sure that port 443 is open in order to use the application. However, if you were connected to the VPN for some time prior then that port was probably already opened.

We’d be happy to take a closer look at your particular configuration and see if there are any other steps we can take to assist. Please email our support team directly at or through our Contact Support page with the details and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.


Support Team