Connect to "fastest server" within a specific region?


Again, thank you for an excellent product. I use it on my laptop(s) as well as my android tablet.

Instead of connecting to the “fastest server”, regardless of location, is it possible to select the fastest server within a particular region? (i.e. the U.S., etc.) I see within the connection selector the option to connect to the “fastest server”, but no way to restrict it to a particular region or group.

I also note a feature to have “favorite server(s)” - and this might be a workaround - however there does not appear to be a way to specify one of your region groups.

I would like to be able to specify a region, (again, let’s assume the U.S…, Europe, etc.) so that if new servers come on-line in my selected region, they’re automagically included in the server pool I can connect to.

Is there a way to do this that I have not yet noticed?

If this feature does not already exist, may I humbly request it be considered for a future release?

Thanks again for both an excellent product and you helping me get the most and best use out of it.


That is a very good idea!

Currently, this is not an option within the app.

Please post to Golden Frog Ideas so we can actively review and track interest in this ‘Region-based fastest server’ feature:


Golden Frog Support


Thanks for the quick response and the tip - I’m doing that right now. . . . ( :grinning: )