Connecting problem after kill switch

Basic info:
VyprVPN Free
Home network
Windows 7

I just started to use Vyprvpn Free and was happy with it untill it disconnected. Then I tried to connect again but got the message “Kill Switch Active, NO INTERNET TRAFFIC” and could not reconnect. Even I had to quit the app to take back the internet.

The online support told me that they will send me an email after checking the issue. After a couple of hours I got an email saying that they are unable to offer me the service!! with no explanation.

Later I realised that the problem was because I had selected the option “stop all internet traffic when VyperVPN disconnected” in the settings. So I removed the option.

Now my login works but the app doesn’t connect and stays in “Connecting…” mode for ever. The speed graph is running and there is no error message. The TAP-VyprVPN icon in the Network Settings doesn’t change to active by itself and manual activation doesn’t help.

Any help is welcome.

Hey @blmm,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We were able to locate your support ticket and we will reach back out to you there.

Customer Support