Connection failure on Win 10

I live in a university accommodation in New Zealand. I connect my computer to university internet using an Ethernet cable. I tried PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, all failed to establish connection. Error codes like 6021, 628 were shown with the connection failure reminder. Vypr worked fine with uni internet last year and when I came back to university in March this year it stopped working on my computer. I tried reinstalling the app and shut down my firewall but still failed to connect to vpn.
No matter what server I choose it just doesn’t work.
On my iphone though,I don’t have trouble connecting to vypr on university wifi or cellular network.

Hey @hahaha,

Thanks for reaching out. I took a look at your account, which is in good standing. I looked over our server logs and the only activity I am seeing all month is from your iOS device, which you mentioned connected fine on cell and wifi. Since I see no hits from the desktop app or manual setup on my end, I suspect your Uni ethernet line might be under different firewall rules than the wifi (which would explain why the iPhone works on wifi) and is blocking all of your connections.

Is there any way you can further verify my suspicion by connecting that computer to another network (of course this really only works if it’s a laptop, or if you have a wifi card in a desktop)?

Golden Frog Support

Have you tried troubleshooting your computer? Make sure the physical Wi‑Fi switch is turned on your laptop or the airplane mode is turned off. Or, you may try uninstalling your network adapter and allow Windows 10 to install them again. Also, some issues with wireless network are caused by outdated driver, so you need to download the latest drivers for your network adapter. I hope this info helps you.

Got the same problem . The most interesting thing is that my cell phone , which is in exactly the same network environment , can connect to the server . But on my laptop with Win10 system , even not a chance . It will fail almost all server , sometimes several servers can get a ping number , but still cannot be connected . Additionally , software cannot get my public IP address .

OK , just forget it , solved by reinstall the software .

Hello @sd3326852,

Sorry to hear you’re having this trouble. Please contact our support team for assistance: