Connection per app disregard system since 3.0

Since the 3.0 update on Mac, the connection per app settings (set to bypass by default, except for one single app) seems to not apply to the system connection. As in, the system (i.e. non application) seems to go through the vpn tunnel. For instance, when the vpn connection is active, I can’t remotely connect to my Mac from outside my lan anymore. Works fine when I disconnect VyprVPN.

Before the update, things worked fine and only the app I want to go through the tunnel was doing so. Now, things like remote ssh, remote VNC (stock Mac app), or even port forwarding on my router doesn’t work… Very annoying.

Any idea?


I would like to suggest that you attempt to disable the Kill Switch setting within the VyprVPN settings.

Click Customize at the bottom of the VyprVPN app window, navigate within the Kill Switch setting and change this value to ‘OFF’.

Once this has been completed see if you can connect via ssh on your local network.

If you continue to experience issues please reach out to our support teams

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your answer and suggestion. Unfortunately, the Kill Switch has always been set to off, as I don’t need to use this feature.

The answer from support hasn’t been of much help either:

This being said, Connection Per App is designed to set permissions for specified applications to utilize the VPN or not utilize the VPN. This being said, since VyprVPN is connected, everything utilizing the network will be behind the VPN unless specified not to be the Per App feature. This is actually expected behavior and is supposed to work this way.

I’m not sure what to make of this, as this behaviour has only just started to happen. Also, the expected behaviour for all things running on the OS should be following the “apply to all apps” setting. Otherwise it kinda makes the whole feature inaccurate.

Maybe this is a simple incoherence in the code that the team can look at and fix quickly?