Connection Per App

I’ve been using VyprVPN for over 2 years and the Connection Per App feature has never worked for me—no version of the app has ever allowed a per app bypass of the VPN.

If the Connection Per App feature is set to ‘On’ and ‘Bypass VPN’ is set to ‘Apply to all apps’, except for the app you want to use the VPN (e.g. a specified browser), the app will prevent any internet connections as long as it’s open—close the app, internet connections are once again possible.

I’ve seen that behavior in all versions of the app going back to June of 2017.

After trying to get support for the issue multiples times, I gave up.

By now, I’m convinced the feature has never actually been available for Mac users. Perhaps it’s just been easier to ignore the complaints or even “play dumb” when a customer reaches out for support.

As a VPN, I think Golden Frog provides a great service, but I’ve been disappointed with the app development for Mac.

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