CPU usage on PC

Even when VyprVPN is not active (no active connection), it still uses about 2% of my CPU (Skylake i5-6200u). While this isn’t huge, I’m wondering why it’s using any CPU at all. Furthermore another 2% is used by the “VyprVPNService”. That’s 4% total.

It is at the top of my CPU usage.

Hello @Aashishkebab,

I can offer some insight as to the VyprVPN Service running in the background and causing a small amount of CPU usage, which is normal. The following features/functions require the service be running.

  1. The Kill Switch feature, which terminates network activity in the case that the VPN is not connected.
  2. The “Automatically connect VyprVPN when using untrusted wi-fi” feature, which, with the feature enabled, will check for changes in Wi-fi so that the VPN will know to connect on unknown Wi-fi.
  3. The “Connect VyprVPN when Windows starts up”, “Launch VyprVPN on Windows login”, and “Connect VyprVPN on application launch” features.
  4. Checking for application updates, which occurs once every 24 hours.
  5. The “Automatically send us non-personally identifiable app data” feature, which helps improve application stability in future releases, and is only relative to the use of the application itself.
  6. The application will check (phone home) for a connection regularly to correct any app state issues.
  7. Additionally, having the VyprVPN Service run in the background makes loading the application considerably faster.

If you do not wish for the VyprVPNservice to always be running, you may stop the service, when not using VyprVPN. However, if you do this, you will need to remember to start the service before you use VyprVPN or you will experience the “Service cannot be contacted” error message. And if you do not wish for the service to start automatically when you startup your computer, you will need to set the Startup Type for the VyprVPNservice to Manual. Again, you will need to remember to start the service before you use begin using VyprVPN to avoid experiencing the “Service cannot be contacted” error message.

I hope that helps!

I have the same issue. Even when not connected to VPN, vyprvpnservice.exe is using 3.5-4% CPU. This is definitely too much. I compared this with VPN clients of NordVPN and PIA on friend’s computers, and those services have close to 0% CPU when not in use. And yes, they offer the same features as mentioned by ~@carlosz.

I checked generated events with Process Monitor, and vyprvpnservice.exe generates some 100,000 registry events per 5 seconds. Seems like poor software design to me. Even with the list of features mentioned above active, CPU load should not be this high on a modern reasonably powerful CPU.

Update: VyprVPN still has a VyprVPNService.exe that uses ~3% CPU all the time (even without a VPN connection or the VPN client app running), draining a laptop battery much faster than without it installed.