Current VyprVPN Status (China)

I have decided to start my own thread to document VyprVPN’s performance in China and to help the staff better tackle China’s VPN blocking.
I am using China Telecom with 200 Mb bandwidth. I am only using the VyprVPN Mac app.
If I can connect to a server and speeds are acceptable, I will not try other servers.

November 20, 2019
Today, using, only Austin and Los Angeles showed latency (or ping). I was able to connect to Austin in one go, but I did not try Los Angeles. Speed was acceptable, but not ideal.
So I decided to upgrade to, not sure whether this is beta or stable.
Currently, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and some US servers show latency. Seattle connected on first try. There were no noticeable speed drops after 5-10 minutes. The speed was much faster than Austin using

November 21, 2019
Less servers showed latency compared to yesterday. Two US servers, Australia, and Singapore. I was able to connect to a server that did not show latency on my first try. Speeds across servers were much slower and inconsistent compared to yesterday. There were noticeable speed drops.

November 22, 2019
No servers showed latency today. However, I was able to connect to a US server on first try. Speeds are much faster than yesterday.

November 23, 2019
Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and some US servers showed latency. Again, I can connect to a server without latency. However, a server showing latency does not mean I can connect to it. connects much faster than
Ran it an issue where I got stuck when connecting to a server. The application just kept saying connecting. I clicked cancel, then the application kept stuck on cancelling. I quit the application. I looked in Activity Manager and found that the vyprvpnservice process was nowhere to be found. I re-opened the application and reinstalled the helper tool. Application still wasn’t working. Had to restart the computer to fix the problem.

December 6, 2019
Starting yesterday, I had trouble connecting to most servers. The only one I could connect to was Chicago. Even though sometimes the other servers show latency, I simply could not connect.

In, none of the server location flags are visible under “Servers” tab, regardless of whether I am connected or not. However, when I am connected, the flag of the connected server shows up in the “Connection” tab. All the flags showed up properly under “Servers” tab when using This bug does not affect connection though.
The cause of this bug seems to be the fact that the application tries to access to get the flag images.
However, the golden frog website is blocked in China. Can you please have the application store the image files locally?

are you able to connect to servers that do not show any pings?

I haven’t tried many servers. However, so far, I can connect to servers that don’t show latency.

how was the speed, no drops either at all?

The speed was slow and inconsistent yesterday, so there were speed drops. There did not seem to be speed drops the day before yesterday.

Well let’s hope they can fix it quickly.

Is any of the servers working for you? None are working for me.

on the new version or the old one?

Either? I am using the new version and no servers are working.

Well yeah I would suggest to wait for the new version release.