Ddos protection

Hello, I decided to check your vpn for ddos protection, because I had doubts about your ddos protection. I used 1 Gbps udp floods. As a result, when I launched the attack for 30 seconds, my Internet was completely lost for 30 seconds. It turns out this article: “https://www.vyprvpn.com/gaming-vpn” is it a lie and you do not have protection against the simplest ddos attack?

Hey @VYPRIK, sorry for the trouble with this. We would normally ensure that you have NAT Firewall enabled in your Control Panel, but we are still in the process of migrating accounts to our new account management system. Once this is completed, you will be able to ensure NAT Firewall is enabled, which should resolve any DDOS-related issues. Thanks for your patience and in the meantime if something like that does happen, you should just be able to switch server locations and/or reconnect to VyprVPN to receive a new IP address so that your local IP address isn’t able to be targeted.


Well, today you finally finished the (process of migrating accounts to our new account management system). With impatience, I immediately went to check if my NAT Firewall was enabled, in the settings of my account I went to Manage VyprVPN, and this is what was written there (NAT Firewall Nothing to display), I thought it was turned on and decided to repeat the attack with 1 Gbps udp floods, as a result, I lost the Internet again. Can you help me? I am also sending you a screenshot of your VyprVPN account settings.

The migration process for managing NAT Firewall isn’t quite done yet - sorry for the delay and thanks again for your patience!