Difference between Router and macOS app connection?

I’m using the Tomtao router app but recently some 3rd party services still detect my (real) country when I’m connected via the router app. When the vpn connection is established via the macOS app, those same services do not detect my country.

In both cases:

  • I’m using the the Chameleon encryption.
  • The test url reports that I’am connected correctly

What could be the reason for that?


Thank you for contacting us on our official forums.

This is likely due in part to the OSX application being able to connect via VyprDNS.

We would be happy to offer troubleshooting assistance if you’d like.

Our support team is available 24x7 and we can be contacted via e-mail (support@goldenfrog.com) or through our live chat feature available on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Golden Frog Support

Hi Dustin,
I wrote an email to the support last week but I haven’t got any answer. Can we discuss it here?

Is it possible to use the vyprvpn dns in the router app?



Thank you for reaching back out to us.

Unfortunately, at this time VyprDNS is only usable through our OS specific applications.

In regards to the e-mail you sent our support team, it looks like we did issue aresponse shortly after receiving it. Can you please check your inbox again for this message.

Golden Frog Support

you clearly did not read my question. I’m not asking what is a wireless router :slight_smile:

I was asking how does the vpn connection differ when established via the VyperVPN router client or via the macOS client.

I ended up installing a DD WRT firmware and used directly the openvpn client which worked.