Puts the network interface in a broken state when the connection drops (shows “disconnecting” but never does anything). Restarting the network (airplane mode, then back online) does not help. Only rebooting does the trick. (With cyanogenmod).

Any suggestions?

Hello @Olivier,

I am sorry to read that you are experiencing such issue. Before we begin investigating this issue, I would like to inform you that our VyprVPN app for Android is not guaranteed to fully function nor function correctly without issue on any rooted device or device running any custom mods, including Cynogenmod. However, we will be glad to assist you in troubleshooting the issue, but note support will be limited. With that been said, please provide us with the following information so that we can begin troubleshooting.

  1. What Android operating system are you running?
  2. Are you getting any errors when this occurs? If so, please provide us with the error message.
  3. Do you have the Auto-Reconnect feature within the app enabled? If so, do you experience the same issue when you disable the Auto-Reconnect feature?
  4. Are you seeing the “Disconnecting” in the VyprVPN app or the Android notifications or both?
  5. Please send in the VyprVPN app logs using the Help -> Contact Support feature within the app. When sending in the logs, please reference this community post thread.

We await your responses.

Golden Frog Support