Discussion about the missing features on the 3.0+ version

There are many features on the old version that haven’t been migrated to the new 3.0+ update.

Here’s a list for all the missing features I compiled.

Download and Upload speed graph.
IP address.
NAT firewall option
DNS leak protection option.
Notification sounds.
Chameleon manual port option.
Route delay
TLS timeout
Checking for updates option.

Really hope those features can be added back in the 3.0+ Version.

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Hey @kaldeqca

As I understand you had feedback in regards to the recent 3.0 features. We have a list available here:

In regards to features no longer available via the app, I can pass that along to our developers


Loss of the Download and Upload speed graph is 100% why I’m not moving back to v3.

Why would the Product Mgr actually remove a feature?! Particularly a popular one? Why not instead make it optional to display it or not using user preferences (as most other software companies would do)?

We hear you, and we thank you for your feedback! Our developers are always looking over the forums to see how users are feeling about the new version of the VyprVPN app. Your feedback is definitely being heard by the right people.

Any updates on when the Download/Upload graph will be returned to v3? I’m still on v2 for precisely this reason. Thanks!

We’re not sure when the speed graph might be added back, but it’s something that’s in review for future updates.

If you’re on Windows, you can look at the Windows speed graph by going into “task manager”, then to the “performance” tab, and then selecting “network” on the left side. I know this isn’t as convenient as seeing it in the app, but this will show the same information which was shown in the speed graph on previous versions. The only real difference is that this graph in Windows won’t change color when the VPN is connected.

Thanks again for your feedback here!

I would love to see the speed graph back, I hope it will change later on this year :slight_smile:

UPD: the info box is gone when the connection is complete or cut off - Running the latest version of VyprVPN for Windows.

Sorry, what exactly are you referring to when you say “info box”? Do you mean the notification which would pop up in the corner of the screen when VyprVPN connects or disconnects? Or are you referring to something else?

@Daniel_G: Sorry for confused msg above. It turns out that some pending Windows updates caused that ‘issue’: VyprVPN app popped up the Disconnected/Connected window when it disconnected/connected again.

Ah, glad to hear the issue’s resolved!