Download/upload graph missing on VyprVPN 3.0

I frequently used the download/upload graph on ver 2 of VyprVPN, and missed it when I upgraded to version 3. In fact, I missed it so much I ended up downgrading back to ver

Could the graph please be re-implemented in ver 3?

Thank you!

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Hello @101010,

Welcome to our community! We’re sorry to hear you miss the transfer speed graph from the older versions of the VyprVPN application!

We’ve been letting our product team know about this sort of feedback and would be happy to receive any other feedback you have regarding the 3.0 version of VyprVPN as well!

Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions and again welcome to our community!

I fully agree with 101010. The download/upload graph was one of the most useful features in the previous versions for me.

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Welcome to our forum!

We hear your feedback loud and clear, and we thank you for it. If there’s anything else that you’d like changed or improved, please let us know!

Not 100% related, but does the Windows app automatically update to version 3? Mine is still on 2.16 and even after clicking on check for updates in settings it does not show the new one. Do I have to download it manually?


Hello there,

At this time, the VyprVPN app should be updating to 3.0 when you check for updates. If that’s not happening, you can download the new version for Windows here -