Error 6050

I can only connect over mobile. Any attempt to connect via desktop gets me am error 6050 and no connection. I am in China. The wifi belongs to a university but i have also tried using my phone as a hotspot to no avail. I am using chameleon and have tried openvpn and vyprvpn adapters. All settings are default.

What does the error mean and how can I try to fix it?
Ps. This website is essentially non functional on my phone which made posting this very hard.


That error indicates an inability to connect to the app’s API. This is common from China or some other restrictive networks.

I would first suggest trying to reboot the computer if you have not already.

You can also try using a manual connection:

When it is connected using one of the manual methods, you should be able to start the app, try to connect, and the app should work normally after that and you can close the manual connection.

If you run into trouble, you can contact our 24/7 support team via email or live chat so we can investigate:

Great, this fixed it. Thanks.