Exclude certain locations from 'fastest server' setting on iOS

Is there a way to exclude certain countries when the Vyprvpn iOS app connects via the ‘Fastest Server’?
Due to rights limitations for example I want to exclude my current country, whereas any other country is fine to connect to.

Hey @Chris_Rous,

While we don’t offer this for the ‘Fastest Server’ option (great idea, by the way), the iOS app does offer the ping times to all our servers from your current network. When you bring up the server list, tap the speedometer in the top right and the ping times will appear on the left-hand side. Typically, picking the server that best suits you with the lowest ping will give you the fastest connection.

Let us know if we can answer any other questions.


Support Team

Hi Katherine,
Thanks for the tip, and it is exactly that what I would like the app to do; connect to the fastest server automatically, and just exclude the ones that have been excluded in settings or something like that :slight_smile:
Hope to see that in an upcoming version of the app!