Fails to login in China

I’m in China and I can’t log into the client. On desktop it says SSL connection failed and on mobile it says timeout. I had to use other proxies to help me sign in before I can normally use it.

Hello, @hikui

I’m sorry to hear of the trouble. Some networks in China may have a difficult time reaching our api. In cases like these, we recommend establishing a manual connection to the VPN ( and then logging into the application.

If you encounter any issues with the service, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team directly:

Golden Frog Technical Support

Hi, I have try to set up manual for connect VPN, but I didn’t see the file for CHINA use. It isn’t This app didn’t support for CHINA country ?


Are you referring to the .OVPN file? You would want to use any of them that correlate to the server location you are using. However, If you are trying to use OpenVPN, please note there are known issues with using that protocol from within China. I would suggest trying a protocol other than OpenVPN.

If you have any trouble connecting, please contact our support team at

The question is, do you need a VPN in the first place?

Many say that proxies are actually better in China, especially Shadowsocks -

Yes, proxies only protect you at the server level, but they usually offer better connectivity, less latency and are less prone to giveaway some of your data to your ISP.

True, many VPN providers also offer proxies, but you don’t have to use what they’re offering.

I also found this article an interesting read -

Yes, you are right. Shadowsocks actually works better in China. Indeed, I have my own Shadowsocks server running on my VPS in US. But unfortunately, the connection is quite slow. That’s why I went for a commercial solution.

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BTW, the server list page is not working, so I can’t créate the manual connection.

Please, solve the problem.

Hey @Matias_Fabian_Salomo

Please try reaching the server list page using the following link:

If you still have any trouble, please contact our support team at or via email at

Tyler | Customer Support